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Our agencies and membership are spread out all throughout our great state and the fact of the matter is, many that lie outside of the Central region have felt disconnected with the association over time. ALL of our members are valuable to us, so we began taking the necessary steps to grow. This is a very exciting time for the Association.  If at any time for have questions please reach our to your Regional Representative or email us at 

Each of our standing committees are working non-voting members of the APRA Board of Directors. Committee Chairs are appointed by the Executive Committee and working members are appointed by the chair. 

*Executive Committee – Comprised of the President, President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Director. The president, president elect and vice president positions are all elected by the membership at large. The Treasurer and Secretary are appointed by the in-coming president (president-elect) to serve during their term as president. The Executive Committee meets monthly (or as needed) to handle all business transactions of the Association and to help set the direction for the Board of Directors.

*Board of Directors – Comprised of 15 members, this group takes official action on all APRA matters such as approving appointed Board members, approving the annual budget, approving the annual conference location, approving the appointment and removal of the Executive Director, and approving business and financial matters for the association. The Board of Directors meets quarterly (or as needed) at various locations throughout the state. Voting members of the Board of Directors include the five Executive Committee members, five Regional Directors, three committee chairs (Program, Marketing and Membership), and two new representatives (one from the Young Professional ranks and the other from our Business/Corporate representatives). These two appointments from our young professionals and corporate representatives creates a new level of engagement and helps diversify the make of the Board.

*Regional Representatives – Comprised of five regions (north, south, west, east and central) the central region is new representing Maricopa County. Regional directors are elected positions and voting members on the Board of Directors. The representative is responsible to hold meetings for the members in their region and communicate APRA operations and business matters. The meetings are also established to coordinate program and professional development needs for their region and coordinate efforts with the Program and Marketing committees.

Regional Map

VOLUNTEERS – APRA is constantly seeking support from our members. As you can see, there are a myriad of opportunities to help grow the Parks and Recreation profession. If you can’t afford to give much time, there are assignments that can match your availability. Many meetings are conducted where members can call in on speaker phone and be actively engaged. There are volunteer opportunities on weekends; there are volunteer opportunities that can last an entire year; and there are special assignments that are short range and specific.

* Indicated Voting Members of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors Organizational Chart

Standing Committees – there are six standing committees that members may volunteer to help support. The President Elect will recommend the appointment of the committee chair (for their upcoming term) and all appointments are approved by the Board of Directors.

Financial Committee – Comprised of the association President Elect (Board Liaison), Treasurer, and paid staff (Executive Director and Auditor). Oversees the financial position of APRA, provides quarterly financial reports to the Board of Directors, and provides financial recommendations.

Advocacy Committee – Comprised of the association President and Vice President (liaison) and volunteers interested in tracking legislative matters that impact APRA. Communicates legislative matters to the entire membership and engage our citizen volunteers and agency board members to help advocate important matters to our law makers.

Annual Conference Committee – Comprised of the association President (liaison), the Executive Director, and several volunteers to organize and administer the annual conference. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities for volunteers that can require a lot or little time to help support this annual event.

Marketing Committee – Comprised of the association President Elect (liaison), Executive Director and volunteers from APRA. The Chair of this committee will serve as a voting member on the Board of Directors. Supports many of the other standing committees and helps market and promote program committee objectives, regional objectives, annual conference objectives, and membership objectives. Prepares information for the quarterly magazine and monthly newsletters and social media. The committee will meet on an as-needed basis.

Membership Committee – Comprised of the association President (liaison) and volunteers from APRA. The Chair of this committee will serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors. Works with APRA staff to retain current members, to recruit potential members; and promote services to the Association membership. From time to time review the membership dues and recommend adjustments as needed. This committee will meet quarterly.

Program Committee – Comprised of the association Vice President (liaison), three appointed officers (Chair – will serve as a voting member on the Board of Directors, Vice Chair and Treasurer), and several other volunteers from APRA. Reviews and approves all program and professional development requests that require APRA financial and member resources. This committee will meet regularly based on program requests. There may be a variety of subcommittees that organize to develop program and professional development needs with the program committee; or work very closely with regional representatives who are developing programs and needs for their regional members.

Interested in serving on a committee? 

Committee Chair contact can be found HERE

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