Because your professional association is your professional “home,” it's the place where people in the same field will come to know you, support you, and nurture your growth and development. Share in the excitement of learning about industry standards and trends, professional growth opportunities, and CONNECT with other parks and recreation professionals who share your same challenges.

APRA Board of Directors

Serving on a board or committee is not only a great way to support a cause you care about, it can also be a powerful strategy to expand your skills and expertise. Those who serve have experiences that cultivate new skill sets, expand networks of peers, meet fellow professionals and community leaders as well as develop as leaders themselves.

Comprised of 15 members, this group takes official action on all APRA matters such as approving appointed Board members, approving the annual budget, direction of the future of the association, and approving business and financial matters for the association.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly or as needed via video conference an in person. Voting members of the Board of Directors include the five Executive Committee members, five Regional Directors, three Committee Chairs (Program, Marketing and Membership), and two other representatives (one from the Young Professional ranks and the other from our Business/Corporate representatives)

Committees of the Board

Three primary Committees are established to handle many of the business and operational functions of the Association. Each Committee is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Funds will be allocated to the various committees at the beginning of each budget cycle with the intentions that each committee will sustain their operations, or increase revenue for the Association.

For a full description of Board and Committee positions CLICK HERE

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