Thursday Education Sessions

Day Time  Session Title  Session Description (60 words or less) Main Speaker      Name & Agency/Company LEARNING OUTCOMES 
    DRAFT AS OF APRIL 9,  subject to change      
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 The Mission of Your Work and the Power of Your Story If you’re a non-profit, a government agency or any organization depending on the support of the community success you understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a positive relationship of trust.  Gaining trust comes not only from the work you do but also from the story you tell about the mission and goals of your organization.  Lori A. Hoffner, Supporting CommUnity, Inc. Participants will define the power of the story. What needs to be shared to engage volunteers and professionals to promote the work and mission of your organization.  Using proven models and methods of social media platforms to engage the community, participants will discuss marketing strategies that will result in stronger funding opportunities.   Participants will outline tactics for funding mechanisms and sources.  
Thursday Aug 22 8:00-9:15 Staff Communication; Control, Filters and Perception Our communication is continually influenced by individual filters.  Those filters are established by different factors; one of the most prevalent is the generational filter, developed during socialization and experiences.  These filters crucially affect communication and interaction. We will discuss communication models, helping determine the most successful approach for your organization.  Lori A. Hoffner, Supporting CommUnity, Inc. Describe leadership styles and the impact on communication success or failure.   Define critical conversations and how the filters one is using; generational, societal or experiential, influence how messages are received.  Outline multiple communication models that will work best for achieving objectives. 
Thursday Aug 22 1:00-2:15 Moving into the Future: the Power of Transformational Leadership  “The only constant is change,” and if your organization wants to move forward with positive growth and a thriving staff, you’ll want to understand how to support this change.  This includes appreciating leaders who can inspire followers to change expectations, perceptions, and motivations to work towards common goals.  Lori A. Hoffner, Supporting CommUnity, Inc. Define the traits of leadership that inspired staff at all levels to reach for success.  Compare the difference in transactional leadership and transformative leadership and when it’s best to use the tenants of each.  Outline a plan of leadership that supports an entrepreneurial mindset for growth, retention and sustainability of quality staff. 
Thursday Aug 22 1:00-2:15 Deliberate Practice in Aquatics The best aquatics facilities hold inservices, practice skills, and exercise their emergency action plans regularly. However, how do they know how effective these activities are?  This session discusses how the concept of deliberate practice, a special type of practice that is purposeful and systematic, can be used in aquatics to prepare management and staff to prepare for and prevent emergencies.  Max Goshert, American Red Cross 1) Understand and reiterate the concept of deliberate practice 2) Identify ways that deliberate practice can be used at aquatics facilities 3) Determine deliberate practices that will be useful at their facility. 
Thursday Aug 22 1:00-2:15 Power of Teams  Building a cohesive team through trust, communication and process improvement.   Learn how to address and recognize classic pitfalls. Learn the four stages of team development, Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.   Philip Yabes, City of Buckeye Participants will learn the four stages of team development.   Participants will learn about Ineffective and Effective Teams.  Participants will learn about a Effective Team Model. 
Thursday Aug 22 2:30-3:45 Power of Play Power of Play lays the foundation for creating a safe, healthy and inclusive environment for children of all ages.  Participants will walk away with tools to support play that develops academic, physical, social and emotional growth in youth like independent conflict resolution skills and positive student to student interaction.  Heather Checky, Playworks Arizona 1-Identify games and strategies for implementing safe, healthy and inclusive play at their site 2-Verbalize how play contributes to healthy youth development (social, emotional, academic & physical) 3-Apply best practices for facilitating healthy play and group management at their site 
Thursday Aug 22 8:00-9:15 Funding Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation  Arizona State Parks & Trails Grant Team will provide an overview of the various grant programs it administers, including eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and program specific policies. Staff will also be available to answer individual questions, and provide tips on submitting a successful application.  Mickey Rogers, Arizona State Parks & Trails 1. Upon completion of the session, participants will better understand the grant funding opportunities available through Arizona State Parks & Trails.  2. Upon completion of this session, participants will have contact information for Arizona State Parks & Trails Grants Team.   3. Upon completion of this session, participants will have a thorough understanding of the grant application, and approval process.
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 Designing Fitness-Focused Playgrounds: a stealth-health community wellness solution Obesity is growing at a staggering rate.  Designing playgrounds that get kids and their families active and keep them staying and playing longer can offer a “stealth-health” solution.  Attendees will gain from the latest evidence-based practices to design “Fitness-Focused Playgrounds” that make a positive, healthy impact on their communities. Jill Moore, Landscape Structures 1. Identify the complex society issues behind the obesity epidemic in the United States. 2. Understand the science behind fitness-focused playground design 3. Recognize the four health targets of fitness-focused playgrounds for kids and adults 
Thursday Aug 22 1:00-2:15 Play on Player: Overcoming Disability with Play "We gotta drive back, we forgot her wheelchair." Growing up with a mobility impairment opens the door for quite a few "you live and you learn" moments. 2015 Team USA racer Jill Moore shares her story of how these moments shaped a life that went beyond disability and became something truly extraordinary. Jill Moore, Landscape Structures 1. Recognize gaps in social equity for integration of people with disabilities in play, culture, and school activities. 2. Identify a variety of possibilities and opportunities to promote an active lifestyle in special needs communities at all ages. 3. Outline best practices for encouraging and involving special needs kids in aspects such as school policy, community involvement, travel, and design. 
Thursday Aug 22 1:00-2:15 Activating Generations Through Cycling - Sustainable Bike Recreation Planning and Development This interactive session will provide a detailed step by step guide for the successful planning and development of Sustainable and Permanent bike recreation amenities in public parks. There will be ample opportunity for Q & A, providing direct access to insight and solutions for your projects. From Bicycle Playgrounds to Pumptracks! Join us for this amazing ride! Tim Babcock, Progressive Bike Ramps 1. What is Sustainable Bike Recreation: Learn what it means to create sustainable and permanent infrastructure for Bikes, explore current trends, and review case studies and model community projects. 2. Where the planning process begins: Learn the 5 Steps to get your Bike Recreation planning and design process started off on the right track. 3. How it's done: Learn 3 key items to include in your Bid/RFP solicitations that will promote the successful implementation of your project and attract bid responses from qualified contractors. 
Thursday Aug 22 8:00-9:15 Big or Small, Customer Service for All Learn from two seasoned parks & recreation customer service professionals who work for a small agency and the largest agency in Colorado. We will guide you through the process of creating a customer service philosophy, practical training programs and standards that reinforce what your agency values. This session is useful for all  professionals, regardless of role or agency size.  Becky Kuiper, City of Denver Parks & Recreation 1. Attendees will learn how to engage staff and create buy-in while developing a customer service philosophy or vision  2. Attendees will learn the basics of how to create a training program that supports the agency's customer service philosophy or vision  3. Attendees will learn about measuring customer service program effectiveness
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 Successfully Incorporating Native Pollinator Plants in Public Landscapes Pollinator species are critical to food supply and ecosystem health, and they are in decline. Pima County developed policies and practices beneficial to pollinator species. This session highlights cases studies and future projects demonstrating restored pollinator habitats in public parks in Pima County.  Highlighted is Pima County’s Native Plant Nursery, which grows pollinator plants for public works projects. Jessie Byrd, Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Participants will learn how incorporating pollinators in public places decreases maintenance and water use.  Participants will learn  how minor changes in maintenance practice can significantly benefit pollinators.  Participants will learn how pollinators are linked to specific plants and how to make a healthy plant choice for their benefit.
Thursday Aug 22 1:00 - 2:15 Breaking Bubbles: Promoting Social Interaction in Parks by Creating Multi-functional Spaces Breaking Bubbles: Re-thinking the typical models for park design where bubble master plans become park designs. The presenters will provide several project examples of innovative design techniques that "break the bubbles" and create fun and functional park spaces. Walkways that become play, play that becomes art, art that becomes shade - how can we re-imagine the parks of tomorrow? Chad Atterbury, Dig Studio Inc. • Gain unique insight into new trends in park design. • Learn about techniques to create interactive, multi-generational, and multi-functional spaces. • Learn about the benefits and added value of alternative park design approaches. • Gain insight from built case studies. 
Thursday Aug 22 2:30-3:45 Beyond the Numbers: From Park Master Plans to Park Systems The Surprise Parks and Recreation MasterPlan went beyond a traditional needs-assessment report, and instead took a land and form-based approach to planning future park system needs and investments. The plan offered a system framework and included a vision document, a “nuts and bolts” master plan and a “scoreboard” that outlines and tracks action items, land acquisition, capital needs and accomplishments.  Jay Hicks, Dig Studio Inc. • How to develop Parks Master Plans to serve as a tool to inform decision-making across departments city-wide, from land acquisition and facilities planning to infrastructure investment and flood control. • How to change thinking from ‘Parks Master Plan’ to ‘Parks System Plan’ and why that matters. • Innovative tools and techniques to coordinate inter-departmentally on interconnected needs and goals, including land acquisition; siting, phasing; capital improvements; and infrastructure, public works and flood control investments. 
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 Nail the interview and get the job This session will share insights on the dynamics of an interview panel and people biases.  Learn how to get a foot in the door before the interview, anticipate questions, and how to avoid an interview fail.  Cynthia will share real stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly of interviewing from a humorous perspective. Cynthia Brown, City of Phoenix Participants will learn how to: Prepare for a professional interview through resume writing and research. Effectively answer questions and overcome potential biases of panel members. Present themselves as a polished, professional, personable candidate.   
Thursday Aug 22 8:00-9:15 Jump Shots To Streamline: Evaluating Youth Sports to Improve Swim Lessons This session will discuss the multiple methods coaches use to teach children how to play a sport and how they apply to teaching children how to swim.  By analyzing videos from multiple swim lessons, we will focus on the concepts of child independence, better use of equipment, improving time on task, enhancing repetition, and evaluating drill effectiveness.  Kelly Martinez, City of Phoenix Participants will discuss and evaluate training methods used in teaching basketball and other sports and compare them to how the aquatic industry teaches swim lessons. Participants will analyze multiple videos of swimming lessons which demonstrate effective drills and practice time. Participants will critic and evaluate a video of a swim lessons and fill out a time on task evaluation form based on the concepts taught in this session. 
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 Phoenix...Lessons Learned Every day brings us one day closer to a critical incident.  We continually work to push that day into the future through information and training.  That day caught up to Phoenix in June 2014 and June 2015. In this session, participants will learn of critical incidents that occurred and the take-aways from each incident to improve safety and training. Becky Hulett, City of Phoenix 1. Participants will analyze four separate drowning incidents 2. Participants will discuss protocols for a critical emergency 3. Participants will evaluate training and how it translates to critical emergency 4. Participants will critique media responses to an emergency situation  
Thursday Aug 22 2:30 - 3:45 It’s Time for the Big One, Now What? It's time for your community to celebrate a big special occasion like an anniversary, grand opening, Senior Expo, Home Show or similar and they are asking YOU to plan, organize and implement it! Seasoned professionals with multiple big events under their belts will be here to navigate you through the process, share successes and how to avoid pitfalls. Jan Zale, CPRP, Retired Professional Identify ways to develop a viable lead list of potential vendors and sponsors.  Learn about the different logistical items and safety issues that need attention for large events.  Examine the different ways volunteers can be utilized to support your event garnering community involvement and support as well as being a huge cost savings.  
Thursday Aug 22 2:30-3:45 How to Improve The Irrigation Systems in Your Parks Summarize the aspects of an irrigation system that need reviewed, analyzed, tested, and evaluated to determine how to best improve the irrigation system operation.  Uniformity, scheduling, and control will be assessed and a budget and plan will be determined to work with moving forward. Andy Slack, Slack Landscape & Irrigation Consulting Participants will learn what aspects of an irrigation system need to be analyzed to determine a plan.  Participants will learn about what improvements will yield the greatest ROI on water savings.  Participants will learn how to budget and implement a plan to upgrade portions of irrigation. 
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 Building a Network of Professional Resources to Improve Your Natural Resources Sites This session will present the history of the Town of Marana’s El Rio Preserve. This nature resources site has evolved into an extraordinary outdoor recreation area where residents enjoy a multitude of recreation activities as well as an outdoor classroom for environmental education programs. This session will present the importance of effectively building a network of resources to better manage, maintain and program natural resources areas. Jim Conroy, Town of Marana 1. Learn techniques to efficiently work with professional colleagues outside your organization to better program your natural resources site.  2. Learn proven approaches to working effectively with Friends Groups to support your natural resources area.  3. Learn strategies of partnering with State Forestry to develop a stewardship plan for your natural resources area.
Thursday Aug 22 2:30-3:45 E-Sports: Get in the Game E-Sports is an explosive billion-dollar industry. Is your department ready for its impact? This session explores data and the issues - from space planning in an existing facility, design of a new facility, to the legal implications - involved in incorporating E-Sports into your programming. The E-Sports wave is coming - it’s time to get in the game! Mick Massey, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture 1. Incorporate E-Sports into their existing facility and programming. 2. Plan for new E-Sports venues. 3. Navigate legal and licensing issues associated with E-Sports. 
Thursday Aug 22 8:00-9:15 Before, During & After Your Recreation Center Opens For many parks and recreation professionals, the opening of a Community Recreation Center is a quantum leap in providing services. Case studies and benchmarking data provide a behind the scenes look at the strategies and processes to set up your center for success. Attendees understand the necessary preparation before opening, unforeseen issues during, and how to adjust to ensure success. Mick Massey, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture 1. Define the required components of the successful planning, design and operations of a new community center.  2. Recognize challenges staff encounters when working through the processes for a new community recreation center. 3. Increase performance through disciplined analysis of internal process and benchmarking of similar facilities.
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 CAPRA - Yes You Can Do It! This session will help dispel the myth that only other agencies achieve accreditation by learning how El Paso Parks and Recreation approached the CAPRA Journey, from initial staff training and planning sessions to site visit and the Commission Hearing.  Speakers will also discuss lessons learned and what they see as the key benefits. Joel McKnight, El Paso Parks and Recreation Participants will learn: 1.  That any agency can achieve CAPRA accreditation 2.  How a fellow agency started and finished the process. 3. Key benefits immediately realized, and lessons learned in a fellow agency's journey 
Thursday Aug 22 1:00-2:15 Parks and Higher Education: partnerships for sustainability A case study on the positioning of parks as a central figure in the Education for Sustainability (EFS) movement. In 2014, Stark Parks in NE Ohio began an innovative partner strategy with five higher education institutions. In this program you will learn why this initiative was created, how it was implemented and what could have been done better.  Nick Morris, Kestrel Community Solutions LLC be able to articulate their importance within the field of sustainability be able to construct a partnership plan which benefits all parties be able to evaluate their current education partnerships 
Thursday Aug 22 8:00-9:15 Guide to Summer Day Camp Survival  This course will focus on the tools and tricks discovered through the trials and tribulations of planning and executing summer camps over the years. This course will provide information for both licensed and non-licensed childcare programs.  Nikita Uptain, City of Peoria Learn about: Department of Health Services -Licensing,  Programming,  Training Staff 
Thursday Aug 22 9:30-10:45 Self-care is a Superpower!  Exhaustion and burnout are not status symbols, and the emotional labor of public service is real. There is a reason airlines instruct passengers to put on their own mask first! In order to care for others, public servants must first care for themselves. This session focuses on broad frameworks as well as micro-strategies for self care.   Nicole Lance, Lance Strategies Participants will:  1) Practice micro-strategies for self-care for personal use and for sharing with their teammates and employees  2) Design personal broad frameworks as well as specific strategies to put into practice to improve self-care as a means to professional development.   3) Understand and incorporate the principles and practices of self-care into management frameworks and professional development strategies. 
Thursday Aug 22 2:30-3:45 Build Your Army of Advocates A network is simply not enough to build large-scale support for organizational initiatives, encourage team engagement and activation, and accelerate personal advancement. You need to build a true "army of advocates". With tactical tips and practices you can employ immediately, you'll learn how to build support and leverage momentum to achieve goals faster and with longer-lasting results.    Nicole Lance, Lance Strategies Participants will:  1) Acquire knowledge of the critical difference between a network and an army of advocates and how to leverage that difference effectively.   2) Design a custom approach to building advocacy for a current effort or initiative they are undertaking.  3) Create a comprehensive framework for selecting the right partners to advance initiatives. 
Thursday Aug 22 8:00-9:15 Parks Maintenance Keynote Parks & Recreation Director Brent Dennis will address the value of a strong Parks Maintenance Division. He will also discuss the recently approved 10 year, 225 million dollar Bond Program he will be overseeing for the Tucson Parks & Recreation Department.  Brent Dennis, Tucson Parks and Recreation This is a keynote presentation, no CEU's requested.
Thursday Aug 22 2:30 - 3:45 Aquatics Professionals Roundtable      

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