Leadership Certification

Leadership I and Leadership II will consist of four individual, three and a half hour trainings each. Courses are designed to be attended in sequential order, but if participants wish to only attend certain courses, the content will still be high-value and educationally effective.  

Leadership I - L.E.A.D

L - Leadership 101

Finding and defining your personal leadership style. What is important to you, how do you want to be known, how to develop your own brand, how to advance your career. 

E - Establish Yourself as a Leader

Building a leadership presence, gaining and leveraging influence. Encouragement! Caring for yourself and for your team. The strategic advantage of putting people first. 

A - Art of Leadership vs. The Science of Management

Authenticity, Assessment, and asking questions instead of making statements. Why diversity matters and how to become an inclusive leader. 

D - Don't Overreact, But Don't Underreact

How to have courageous conversations and communicate effectively while making the right decisions for and with your team and for your career. Identifying and breaking through barriers or constraints preventing progress.

Each class has been approved for .2 CEU's

Courses will take place at the APRA Office the second Tuesday September - December 2019 

Leadership II - C.A.R.E

C - Council and Commission Relations

What it means to be "politically savvy", why it's important, and how leaders can develop this critical skill for success. 

A - Army of Advocates

How to tell your story, leverage momentum, and cultivate support for success. Identifying and effectively engaging the highest-value, most strategic partners. 

R - Relationships Matter

The strategic advantage of putting people first. Motivation vs. influence. Helping your teams understand and employ strategies for building critical internal and external relationships.  

E - Extraordinary Dialogue

How to have courageous and crucial conversations at work and in your communities. Tools for communicating with candor and respect while discussing seemingly unsolvable problems and preserving or restoring dignity to the participants in the conversation.

Each class has been approved for .2 CEU's

Courses will take place at the APRA Office the second Tuesday February - May 2020.

Leadership I Outcomes

1) Attendees will understand and define their personal leadership styles, identifying and developing plans for how they can be effective and have influence in the workplace
2) Attendees will develop a framework for their own personal brand of leadership and articulate a plan for building their leadership presence
3) Attendees will gain knowledge of the importance of personal relationships and self-care and develop plans for improving how they support teammates and how they can better care for themselves so they can be better leaders in the workplace.
4) Attendees will develop in-depth understanding of why diversity and inclusion drive better results and how to improve diversity and inclusion in their own organization.
5) Attendees will be trained in methodologies for having crucial and courageous conversations as well as an in-depth understanding of communication dynamics that often prevent progress at work.
6) Attendees will develop plans for career advancement, including identification of specific areas for needed development and training.

Leadership II Outcomes

1) Attendees will be trained in Council/Commission relations and identify specific paths for improving relationships with these bodies.
2) Attendees will develop an action plan for encouraging advocacy for initiatives and programs and will understand the dynamics of how to build these relationships and gain support.
3) Attendees will gain in-depth training relative to difficult conversations and conflict resolution and will complete self-awareness activities to identify how they can overcome their own barriers to productive dialogue.
4) Attendees will develop a personalized strategy for identifying and building high-value partnerships. 

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About Nicole...

With over 17 years of boots-on-the-ground work in various local governments, government-affiliates, and non-profits in Arizona, including statewide leadership of the Arizona City and County Management Association and Arizona Women Leading Government, I am a tactician and practitioner who has honed leadership skills and developed strategies to effectively train other public servants and those engaged in the work of building and developing communities.


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