Phoenix Summit Challenge Spirit Awards

Grab your friends, coworkers, family & showoff your Spirit!!

Win one of 4 team prizes!!     

“URock”       “Piestewa De Resistance”           “Butte of A Group”       

“We Want to Hike With Your Group”

Spirit Award Teams can consist of 2 to 8 participants!

Spirit Award Team registration will be at the Spirit Booth on bag pick up day November 11th

You can be as creative as you like! Judging will be based on team unity, creativity, playfulness, and good sportsmanship shown throughout the event. Winners will have a great, inspiring, silly, unusual, thought-provoking, or otherwise winning team name, team theme, and team dynamic!

Judge’s decisions are final! 

No bribes, crying, or unsafe attire allowed!

Still have questions. 

Click here for FAQ's


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