reverse trade show

Wednesday, July 25, 2018  9:00 - 11:00 AM
Registration Required to attend

The Reverse Trade Show is an event that allows suppliers, consultants, contractors, etc. the opportunity to meet with agency decision makers and procurement professionals from numerous governmental agencies at one time. The governmental agencies man booths or tables and suppliers roam the trade show floor to meet with individuals from each of the entities. 

Vendors can use this time make introductions, gain a better understanding of upcoming projects, needs and procurement processes. Agencies can grow your vendor base, meet local vendors, provide registration information to new vendors.

Each agency will set up a table and vendors will have an opportunity to stop by your table to make an introduction, exchange business information and take a look at any upcoming projects. This is set up to be a quick "speed date style" event, deeper conversations can be set up of after the event if needed by exchanging contact information. Each meeting lasts five minutes and provides agencies and vendors an extremely valuable opportunity to exchange information.

Member Agencies wishing to participate will receive one table and two chairs if you are on the list. 


Please contact Shayla Gunn for questions.

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