Join the tour!

Arizona Parks & Recreation Association has partnered with Annie Frisoli of Creating Community LLC to be part of a concert series (well this may be a bit of a stretch).  In case you haven't met Annie, she is one of our TOP RATED speakers!

In reality, we are offering an outreach tour designed exclusively for the members of APRA.  Annie is offering an opportunity for you to host a one day retreat with your team at your agency titled, Building Your Team Towards Their Collective Purpose - this is a great opportunity (and price) for you and your team and especially for those employees who may not always have the option to participate in professional development opportunities like state or national conferences, etc.

I have attached a one page handout below describing the retreat, tour date options, number of participants, and cost (which is a discounted rate since we will all be working together as an association to develop this outreach tour).  Also, If there are a couple of you that want to team up to reduce the price even more, Annie is fine with more than one agency teaming up and sharing the retreat.  Approved for .6 CEUs.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Participants will discuss the five core characteristics of a team.

2. Participants will complete strategies related to team trust, alignment, and commitment.

3. Participants will analyze their own professional strengths and weaknesses and how they impact their team and the ability to achieve results.


The deadline to officially sign up for the tour is Monday, September 26th. Tour dates can be scheduled between November 30 - December 9th. 

There are only eight concert stops on this tour - once it fills, it fills.  

NOTE:  We are offering the concert tour this fall to the Central, West & North Regions.

Annie Frisoli is the Founder & CEO of CREATING COMMUNITY, LLC. Annie's mission is to serve those who serve others. She upholds this mission by developing content on concepts related to leadership, innovation, teamwork, and community.

Annie has an earned Master’s degree from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Recreation Management, is a Certified Festivals & Events Executive (CFEE), gaining her certification through the IFEA/NRPA Event Management School (where she is now a year-two instructor) and is also certified in Foundations of Design Thinking and has a Train the Trainer Certification in Experience Innovation. Annie has worked with numerous teams in a variety of capacities including time spent with operations for the Volvo Car Open and the St. Louis Art Fair, she has acted as the non-profit development coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association, and also works as a public engagement strategist for public parks and recreation agencies. Finally, she has remained a current adjunct faculty member at Ohio University, where she still enjoys having an impact on future recreation and event professionals.

Annie's journey to becoming Founder & CEO not only includes her unique combination of education and professional certifications, but also life experiences. She has always enjoyed meeting and learning about people, and has also been honored with titles including wife, daughter, sibling, mentor, happy wanderer, coach, bartender, boxing instructor, 1st International Ambassador for the Canadian Hi-5 Run, best friend, and self proclaimed "baking strategist." All these experiences have ignited Annie’s profound interest in others and enjoys sharing knowledge on the impacts we can ALL have on the livelihood of teams, organizations, and communities. We all have the ability to be CREATING COMMUNITY. EVERYDAY

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