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Welcome to the APRA Speaker Portal

Here you will find resources and training tips for those looking for speaking engagements at APRA education events such as the annual conference, virtual events and webinars, or for those seeking opportunities to improve their skills as public speakers and advocates for their agency. If approved to speak by committee, your presentation will likely be viewed by hundreds of park and recreation professionals.


#APRA20Virtual is the live streamed and recorded sessions from the APRA Annual Conference. Sessions are carefully curated to provide a rich conference experience. APRA presenters must consider the virtual audience for which their presentation reaches as they design and present their conference sessions. Below are a few resources for conference presenters to assure a quality for your virtual presentations.

We've complied some helpful YouTube videos:


Conference presenters will have the ability to engage the live audience through live polling, connected with the APRA Annual Conference Platform. You can conduct live polling and live Q&A chat function.  Live interaction allows attendees to participate and stay engaged during presentations by responding to poll questions and chat in real-time. 


Your session has been selected to be streamed live to the virtual APRA audience for viewing during and following following the conference. The recording process requires that a few extra items be considered prior to the conference to assure a seamless session. You have already provided us with session descriptions, titles, learning objectives, and much of the information that is required, but there are a few last items that we require before you present.

Due no later than July 3, 2020

  1. Provide PowerPoint Presentation and Schedule Time to Record your Session(s)
  4. Remember, you are presenting to an online audience, plan interactions accordingly.
  5. All speakers will be required to pre-record their session through a platform provided by Endless Events. You will schedule a day and time to record with a member of the Endless staff who will help get you set up on the platform to record.
  6. After recording your session Endless staff will add graphics and integrate your power point presentation so all sessions have the same look and feel which provides a more polished professional appearance.
  7. If you have a major issue during the presentation, Endless staff can make note and edit out that portion of the video, a single take is our goal.


    Provide a list of resources: 

    • Resources can be html links or files that you wish to share alongside your presentation.

    ENGAGE your audience using the polling feature!

    • Polling is available during the live session. Have fun with it, find out where attendees are from or ask questions that will get your audience thinking about the session topic.
    • Pause during the recording and ask the audience to type into the chat feature
    • Add a short video or quote to give a pause

    Provide Seed Questions:

    • These are questions that moderators can use to ask the audience during the live online event or to ask the presenters following the presentation in the event that the audience does not have questions.

    Log in 10-15 minutes early before the session presentation:

    • This will allow time to locate the presentation, get the set-up and familiarize yourself with the presentation space and time to contact staff if you run into issues.

    During the Presentation

    • All presenters are required to attend LIVE during the session. You will be live in the chat area to introduce yourself and answer questions during the session. Post session, if you notified the Education Chair your screen can transition from presentation mode to live so the audience can see you and connect asking questions via the chat and you can respond live on screen.
    • The microphone is both an amplification device and THE RECORDING DEVICE. Please be sure that you speak into it at all times.
    • If the audience is asking a question, be sure you repeat the question to the audience before answering just in case.



    There is one less thing for you to do this year! REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED...WOO HOO.

    We have your contact information, all speakers automatically will be sent a link to set-up their profile and log into the conference. If the email address used when submitting your speaker proposal has changed be sure to email Jennifer Lauria, Education Chair.

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