APRF is committed to financially supporting parks, recreation, and leisure oriented educational development and scholarships, research, advocacy, and community enrichment.

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Professional Growth and College Scholarships

APRF is currently accepting scholarship applications.  Click here for scholarship information and applications.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Check back frequently for updates.
Interested in volunteering contact Cindy Hunt

Our Current Goals

  1. Manage and direct a program that distributes a minimum of $5,000 annually for college and professional scholarships
  2. Provide funding as possible to support certification programs
  3. Provide funding as possible to support parks, recreation and leisure oriented advocacy
  4. Provide funding as possible to support parks, recreation and leisure oriented research
  5. Provide administrative over-site as a pass-through organization, with a maximum 5% charge, when others want to provide funding to enhance the facilities and programs of the members of the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association and their leisure delivery organizations
  6. Provide staffing and funding for the operational management and over-site for Camp Colley in conjuction with the Camp Colley Foundation

We Need Parks and Recreation!

To provide relaxation in our ever-demanding lives, we need recreation in its truest sense: activity that re-creates us, that revives and

  • Augmenting and enhancing community activities.
  • Encouraging family participation.
  • Promoting economic vitality.
  • Working to develop integrated and accessible leisure services.
  • Enhancing the quality of life in the community.

Enthusiastic support from the community and from APRA members has enabled the Fellowship to initiate programs in rural recreation and professional growth. This is just a beginning. To improve and expand, our parks need your help.

You Can Help!

Make a Tax-deductible Donation, or Contribute to a Grant or Endowment. Tax-deductible contributions to the Fellowship can take many forms and be any size. Parks and recreation programs throughout the state have many needs. Call us with your ideas! Your contributions can:

  • Fund specific projects, programs or purchases.
  • Enhance the scope and strength of the Fund.
  • Provide program start-up funds.
  • Establish or enhance scholarships for an institution, program, category or career field.
  • Support professional training opportunities by subsidizing national and international training programs, conventions, meetings or seminars.
  • Provide help for rural recreation, Many rural areas in Arizona have few or no available organized recreation opportunities.
  • You can help develop new programs in underserved areas, expand existing programs, purchase new equipment and provide assistance for training in program administration.

Give with a Bequest

Planned giving offers benefits to you and the Fellowship. Bequests can be made to the primary endowment, to a community, or to any project benefiting parks and recreation: a memorial Project, a scholarship, or the preservation or restoration of a special place.


Parks and Recreation Programs Need You! Be a volunteer leader, follower, helper, teacher, observer, caretaker, supervisor, assistant, driver – be a participant in a program that is important to you!

The Arizona Parks and Recreation Fellowship Board guides the administration of the Fund.

Arizona Parks and Recreation Fellowship

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