Are you interested in hosting a training or special event?

APRA is here to help! To encourage new educational opportunities, round-table discussions and special events we have opened up program planning to the entire membership. Do you have a topic of discussion that you would like to present? Have an instructor who can offer a training in your region? 

All you need to do is complete the Program Submittal Form for Program Committee review at least 90 days prior to the event date. If approved, APRA has funding set aside to help you with the event, APRA will also help you with marketing and registration if requested. Please read the submittal guidelines below. 

APRA Program Submittal Guidelines

The Program Committee of the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association (APRA) is responsible for approving the coordination, development and administration of all association sanctioned activities, events and educational programs provided to the membership.

The committee will also provide financial oversight and approval of all association sanctioned activities, events and educational programs provided by membership and establish criteria and review course content of professional training opportunities so members can submit for approval.

The process for hosting an APRA sanctioned program, training or event:

1.  Complete a Program Submittal Form no later than 90 days prior to the date of the event.
2.  All sections of the form must be complete and include detailed information of the program, training or event. (Full cost recovery is expected. Submittals that can’t meet full cost recovery must be reviewed by the ARPA Executive Committee.) Budget Form must be attached with the application.
3.  Applicants are responsible for all aspects of the proposed program, training or event, including but not limited to: planning, budgeting, organization, hosting and administration.

Policies when hosting an event - please read!

Video Conferencing Now Available!

Can't travel? Have cohorts from around the state that you would like to connect with? If you are interested in holding an on-line meeting, training or round-table discussion via Zoom Video Conferencing APRA can provide you with that opportunity. A request must be sent to the APRA Office a minimum of 10 days prior to the event. Zoom video conferencing will allow up to 50 people to attend the meeting via web conferencing or phone and can be recorded for posting on the website or for you share with others who may be interested in viewing later. 

Helpful Tips to Creating a Successful Event Checklist


Submit your application to hold an APRA sanctioned event below 

(fill out form and click SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page, including any attachments)

 Budget Proposal Form - must be submitted with the application

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