Agencies, Industry Partners, Military, Non-Profits

Both the bundle and members must be associated with the park and/or recreation field, but may include staff at a variety of levels such as full-time, part-time, admin, maintenance, city/town managers, board and commission members, council, and the like.

Bundle memberships are managed by one bundle administrator designated by the organization; however, each member must register for events individually.

# of Employees

1 - 5

6 - 10

11 - 15

16 - 20

21 - 35

36 - 50

51 - 100


Annual Investment










Individuals, Students, Retired, Out of State

This membership applies to any individual (whether with or without a parks and recreation department) looking to be involved in the parks and recreation industry.

Some levels require verification.

Individual memberships are self-managed at all levels by the membership owner.



approval required


approval required




Former APRA members who have retired may be eligible for a fee waiver. Contact the APRA office.

The Fine Print

Agency Definition

One department within a jurisdiction (city, county, town, etc.) that provides park and/or recreation services defines an agency. This scenario also applies to military units and tribal lands/reservations. In those cases, individual military installations or bases or individual tribal lands/reservations would join as individual premier agencies.

Bundle Administrator: One administrator with log in access who can make changes to staffing. Manages and tracks any changes within their agency. Only one person will be designed on the back-end to manage the bundle for the organization. APRA staff will redirect anyone to the bundle administrator if changes are requested. EVERYTHING goes through the bundle admin after the initial set up.

Industry Partner Definition

A private-sector business that provides park and/or recreation services. 

Members within bundle

Must be employed by, or a member of a board or commission, of the established organization/agency bundle. 

Renewal Period - all levels

All memberships will renew annually. The renewal period will be January 1 - 31 each year. 

Once an agency chooses to register members as an Individual or as part of a Bundle, that membership level can only be changed during the next renewal period. For example, an agency that opted into individual memberships can only move to a bundle during the following year's designated renewal period and vice versa. New members can be added to bundles, and bundles can be upgraded to the next level if needed during the year.


Full-time high school or college (verification required).

Must provide a student ID + current term schedule in membership application.

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