payment and cancellation policies


Payment Methods

Registrants not providing APRA with a method of payment will be considered an incomplete registration and will not be able to attend APRA event unless payment is made on site. Any unpaid balance will remain on the account until paid. APRA accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express as valid forms of payment. 

Current APRA agency members may pay with a check provided an approved Purchase Order is sent to the APRA Office within 10 days of the original registration date. *Purchase Orders are not considered a form of payment. 

Purchase Orders*

A copy of the online confirmation must accompany all conference purchase orders. Registrant will need to provide APRA with a valid Purchase Order number, and a copy of the approved Purchase Order in order to process registration. APRA has the right to contact the agency or company issuing the purchase order to confirm its validity. If you register by purchase order and you have not paid in full 7 days prior to event date, APRA reserves the right to remove you from the event registration unless you make arrangements with the office to make  payment on-site.

Purchase Orders are extended only to current agency members all others will need to pay with a credit card.



Cancellation Policy for general events, trainings and activities, unless otherwise noted in the event registration: 

  • Cancellations made 10 days prior to event date will refunded, less a 25% administrative fee.
  • Cancellations made past the 9 business days prior are not eligible to receive a refund
  • Substitutions (registration transfers) can be sent in place of the original registrant if notification is made in writing more than 2 days prior for qualifying events only. Registration transfers for certification courses require a longer lead time (see specific registration for details)
  • All cancellations or registration transfers are required in writing to the APRA office - Phone cancellations will not be accepted.
  • No shows are still obligated to pay for the event registration.
  • The Association cannot make exceptions for any force majeure event (e.g. an act of nature)

(Certification courses and some other events as noted are subject to the alternative policy listed on the registration form specific to each event)

(This policy does not pertain to any certification course)

      APRA will not be held liable for its failure to perform obligations related to scheduled events and activities if such failure is due to any event or condition not existing as of the date of this Agreement, not reasonably foreseeable as of such date, and not within is reasonable control (Commercially Impracticable), which prevents such Party from performing any obligation hereunder, but only to the extent and only for the period that such performance is so prevented by the triggering event. Excuse of performance may include, but not limited to: riot; war; acts of terror; fire; flood; hurricane; typhoon; earthquake; epidemic, embargo; CDC/WHO advisories, acts of God; or acts of government.   

      The above clause shall apply to all APRA event registrations.

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