Playground Maintenance Course 

The PMC is a one-day (6.25 hour) educational course that covers fundamental information required to spot the most common playground hazards found with equipment, surfacing and surrounding playspaces. The course also covers playground safety standards and guidelines, playground owner responsibilities and maintenance discussions on playground equipment, surfacing and site items.

Bring the PMC to your door!

Hosting a PMC is a great way for you to showcase your city/town or facility. Just complete the PMC Host Request form linked below and APRA will take care of the rest. We schedule the instructor, set-up registrations, order books/materials, provide you with both print and digital marketing collateral and even secure a sponsor for lunch, if available. 

PMC Host Request Form

Emerging Leaders 

This leadership development program empowers newer parks and recreation professionals as well as students from across the state to gain insights in the industry and build leadership skills by participating in problem-solving work groups, building peer networks, and learning from seasoned leaders in discussion panels.


This workshop is for agencies who currently use Active Net. If you do not currently use Active Net but are interested in finding out more about the product you may also attend.

We will cover future upgrades, the new facility management module, improving the customer experience, E Connect and best practices.


Learn the latest in Branding + Marketing to better promote your programs, facilities, and community projects.

From developing a personal brand to uncovering data from google analytics, participants will walk away with real-world practical tools and techniques that will dub you a Marketing BadAZ!

Let's Talk

APRA encourages members in specialized sectors of the profession to lead and share knowledge and successes by way of Roundtable Discussions that futher support individual and industry growth. 

Discuss hot topics happening in your commuity. Learn from eachother; host a Roundtable!

Availability of Roundtable offerings is solely based on member commitment to initiate and host. Don't see one that works for you? Host one that does!

Previous Roundtable Offerings:

  • Aquatics Roundtable
  • Facilities Roundtable
  • Maintenance Roundtable
  • Youth + Adult Sports Roundtable
  • Director's Roundtable
  • eGaming
  • Special Events

Interested in hosting an training / workshop / roundtable

The Board of Directors has set aside funding so that our membership can create needed education sessions, workshops, special events and roundtables. The Program Committee of the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association (APRA) is responsible for approving the coordination, development and administration of all association sanctioned activities, events and educational programs provided to the membership.

The committee will also provide financial oversight and approval of all association sanctioned activities, events and educational programs.

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