How to Navigate the Website

By hovering over any tab you will find a drop down menu that will open up additional pages, including the three bars on the right hand side of the top menu (AKA- hamburger menu). Hover over the tab then scroll to the page you wish to open.

Again, you may not be able to see all pages unless you are logged in. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

Do you have questions about how to use the website, find documents, print invoices, updated memberships, conference details? We have created these pages to answer some of the most asked questions. We hope this well help you find what you need. To view, click the FAQ tab under the hamburger menu, if you do not see your question there you can always email the APRA office 

Looking for a certain item and can't find it? 

Type your search into the search sting box located at the very bottom of the APRA Homepage.


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