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April 7 Aquatic Roundtable Resources

  • Tuesday, April 07, 2020 11:27 AM
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    To access the recording CLICK HERE

    This document is meant to provide updated information from everyone.  We have added a few questions, so please go in and update (try to update on Fridays or whenever major changes occur). To view or add to the aquatics tracking sheet Click Here

    Thank you to everyone who joined us today for the roundtable and Samantha/APRA for hosting.  We are fortunate to have a great group of aquatics professionals who are all in this together and it's awesome to see the collaboration.  Below are the notes and some resources we discussed...please make sure to complete the link with your information. -Stacy Beadle, The Michael Phelps Foundation

    Specific Sharing –

    Phoenix – Currently on a hiring freeze, moving forward with returning staff to prepare to open Memorial Day weekend.  They are doing virtual training for Pool Management, with one being scheduled for tomorrow.  Becky Hulett has also been creating plans for different scenarios.

    Mesa – Courtney Clay shared they are on a hiring freeze, they were able to conduct one skills test.  They are moving forward with plans based on the staff they currently have.  They do not have dates for opening.

    Tempe – Kay Horner shared she is currently working at home.  They have about a 65% return rate, but don’t know what the plans will be.

    Sedona – Dawn Norman shared they are not on a hiring freeze, but they have been working from home since March 16.  They are currently planning on opening Memorial Day weekend.

    Litchfield Park – Jenna Harris shared they are going through their rehire process over the phone and conducting background checks.  They have a hold on drug testing and in person training until May 1, and are planning to train after that date.  Swim teams begin mid May and are still planning on having them.

    Chandler – Mark Foote (from his camper) shared their Full Time positions are frozen, but the Part Time staff are moving forward.  They are conducting skills tests virtually, planning on a Memorial Day weekend opening at this time.  He is also concerned and has been on calls about sanitation requirements, as their warehouse is using supplies for other departments now. 

    Bullhead City – Donte Heath shared they currently have lifeguards on staff who have been still working, but in different areas.  They plan to open May 1 and are not on a hiring freeze. 

    Other Resources:

    • Facebook Groups
    • Lifeguard Authority
    • Aquatics Professionals
    • CPR & Lifeguard Training Instructor
    • Lakeview Aquatic Council
    • North Texas Pool Council
    • USA Swimming
    • Texas Public Pool Council
    • Women in Parks and Recreation (sorry boys)

    How can we help? - Please let us know!

    We added information for the hiring process and budget impacts.  If there are other ideas/speakers you would like to see, please add them to the link above.

    We will be reaching out to the CDC and Maricopa County to see about having a “guest speaker” for the roundtable.

    We will plan to meet weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30am unless potential speakers need a different time/schedule. 

    To contact Stacy Beadle emai

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